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Stock Market Tutorial – The Only Video You’ll Ever Need

Epic Stock Due Diligence (“EpicStockDD”)

Welcome to Epic Stock Due Diligence (! I wanted to create a source for stock market how-to information. The stock market is a fascinating adventure but can seem overwhelming at times. Within this channel, I will post a plethora of stock market tutorial videos. If I don’t have a video on a topic of interest already, please ask and I try to create and post a video. I’m not an expert but have been trading stocks since the early days of Internet technologies. I’m posting all videos for entertainment purposes only and none of the videos within my channel should be considered a recommendation to buy or sell a security. Please feel free to subscribe to this YouTube channel and share the link with others as well. Thanks for watching!

Please also feel free to check out my book The Penny Stock Purrfectionist on the Apple iTunes Store –

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Stock Market Tutorial – The Only Video You’ll Ever Need

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